Furniture Facelift

How To Give Your Furniture That Antique Look


Time to give that wood furniture a face lift!


Here’s what I used to give my dresser that great antique look.  There are a lot of different types of products you can use. I recommend going to your local home improvement shop and ask them for their recommendation or if they have the Valspar  in stock brand use that.

Whatever you choose, Make sure to READ THE DIRECTIONS!

Step 1


Clean the entire surface with a damp rag. Make sure all the dust and or dirt is off of the surface. Then use a dry rag to make sure all surfaces are dry.  


Step 2


Sand all of the edges with some light grade sandpaper and make sure to get all the little corners. If the wood has a gloss on it sand until the wood is no longer shiny. You want to make sure this new paint is going to stick well. Then wipe off the sand paper residue with a dry towel.


Step 3


Use the Chalky Finish Paint and start painting the surfaces. Make sure you paint in different directions. Pain up, down, left and right to get that more textured look. My project needed two coats of paint.  I painted all the surfaces once and waited about an hour, until the surface was dry and painted on the second coat.

Step 4 


Once the second coat is dry lighting sand the surface. Sand the edges and corners a bit more to give your furniture that antique look.

Step 5



Apply a thin layer of the sealing wax. Wait 1-2 minutes and then wipe off all the excess with a lint free cloth.

Step 6


Last step to add that perfect antique look. I used a small paint brush to apply the antique wax (dark satin color) then used a cheese cloth to wipe off the excess. Wipe off the excess antiquing wax in a circular motion. Add more antique wax if you want to make certain spots darker. Have fun!


Step 7

Last Step


Let everything dry for at least 3 hours. Then add some cute new knobs. World Market and Anthropologie always have some great knobs.