5 Tips for Getting Your Home Open House Ready

Open House Showing Checklist

5 tips for getting your home ready for an open house

Open houses are a great way to expose your home and attract your potential buyer. The goal is to make your home look warm and welcoming so others can envision themselves living in your home. However, most individuals only have a vision for what is in front of them. There is a small percentage of individuals that can envision potential, so perception of your home is crucial.  If the living room or bedroom is filled with very large furniture one might perceive the large room as small and not suitable for the buyer. If the home is super messy and not clean a potential buyer might think it needs a lot of work. Make your home is presentable to the large percentage of buyers so they can envision themselves purchasing your home.

As a home seller you want to get the most money for your home, although some of these tips may seem tedious they will pay for themselves in the long run. A home that looks clean and well put together will sell faster and for more money than for a home that looks like a mess.

Here are 5 tips for getting your home open house ready for showing:

  1.  Portraits: Remove all portraits. This includes photos of family, friends or significant others. Most people cannot picture themselves living in a home when pictures are up of people they may or may not know. Its best to replace the photos hanging on the wall with mirrors or scenery portraits.
  2. Clutter–  Remove the clutter. Yes, that includes the garage. Your goal is to make your home look larger, so it’s time to organize and remove any large furniture. Remove any small objects to prevent visitors from accidentally taking items with them.  All of the kitchen and bathroom counters should be cleared as much as possible. Less is more.
  3. Paint– Most individuals feel neutral towards, white, gray, yellow and blue tones of paint color. If you have a bright red wall consider painting over it.  Any scratches, bumps, marks on the walls should be repainted as well. Fresh Paint can change the whole look and feel of a room; it’s also a great way to make a room look updated.
  4. Landscaping– the yard in the front and the back should look clean. Make sure the lawn is freshly cut and all the edges are trimmed. Add some mulch to soil that is exposed; trim all plants so they look well groomed and add flowers where necessary. Make the yard look presentable.
  5. Bake cookies – Bake some cookies right before the open house. This isn’t a crucial step but it’s a step that adds a little something to your open house.  People feel a sense of comfort the moment they walk into your home. Think about how you feel when you smell freshly baked cookies, yummm.

Note: if you don’t want to bake cookies, light some candles around the home.

Remember, buyers are visual learners so give them the best look of your home!